Once in my dream

By Paula Marielle Ababao

Once in my dream I met a stranger
He was the one who got The Book first
The Book I wanted to borrow

I hated him for that

Once in my dream I met him again
This time, he said “hi” and apologized
I said it was okay
I felt my hatred no more

Once in my dream he just sat next to me
We introduced ourselves and talked a lot
He gave me The Book I wanted
I felt happy for that

Once in my dream I actually have a friend
We meet at the library every day
We always messed with the librarian
It was very fun

Once in my dream I cried a lot
He approached me and I leaned on his shoulder
He listened to my problems
I felt comforted

Once in my dream he became my best friend
We shared our secrets and concerns
We filled the library with our laughter
I felt like I’m in heaven

Once in my dream my best friend confessed
He told me everything he has to say
I didn’t know what to reply
I was very shocked

Once in my dream he started avoiding me
He never went to the library’s fiction section
Like we always do
I felt sad for that

Once in my dream he never came
It was the very first time he wasn’t there
Until I never saw him ever again
I was really worried

Once in my dream I found a note written six months ago
It was inserted in The Book that fated us
There he wrote good bye and wrote that he’ll do something terrible
I knew it and I started to cry

Once in reality I met a stranger
He was the one who got The Book first
The Book I wanted to borrow
I hated him for that

Once in reality I met him again
This time, he said “hi” and apologized
I avoided him and never went to that library ever again
I think I saved his life

Sacre-Coeur: among NCR’s best

By Miguel Luis Borja

OUT OF MORE than 90 school papers submitted for consideration Sacre-Coeur, SHAP’s official school paper, ranked third best from the list of Top Ten Outstanding School Papers in English released by Department of Education National Capital Region (DepEd-NCR) office.

“I’m really proud of this achievement.” shared Rochie Jane Mabelin, Editor in Chief of the winning issue released December 2011. “Next time, our school is going to grab a bigger one.” she added.

No less proud of the feat is Mr. Jose Antonio Kierulf, SHAP School Director. In a dialogue with him, he talked about plans on inviting professional journalists over to enrich the learning of Sacredian campus-journalists.

Mr. Anthony Corpuz, school paper adviser, urged the editors to continue working hard. He stressed, “We have a next issue to complete.”

Afro-Asian inspired art on display at the library

BY Bianca Kristel Versoza

AN EXHIBIT featuring replicas of Asian temples and Ancient Egyptian tombs will be on display at the SHAP Library until September 21.

Mr. Lubin Nepomuceno, Art teacher, organized the event to showcase the talents of Second and Third Year students, who made the art pieces as projects this First Quarter.

Raizel Martinez (II-Teamwork), artist of the Kinkakuji Temple sculpture display shared about how difficult the process of stacking up the pagoda’s levels. “It took me one week to complete the project but it was a rewarding experience.”

Many interviewed students who have been to the exhibit took note of the Taj Mahal figure, a collaborative effort from II-Cooperation’s Tonee delos Santos and Bianca Sebastian. “It’s the most striking piece.” Mia Gigante (II-Helpfulness) remarked.

A Brand New Sit-Down Lunch

Mr. K lectures the graduating class on good manners and righ conduct
Photo by Kristine Melendres

Division Press Conference winners

Photo Essay: Fun in the Flood

By Angelo Loveranes


Taguig City

Sir Jenorie San Agustin

By Jedi Mikaela Mariano

“I LOVE teaching,” shared Sir Jenorie San Agustin, one of the new faculty members at SHAP. And his experience as a teacher is undeniably remarkable.

Before becoming a substitute teacher in SHAP, Sir Jeno used to be an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and even some Filipino professionals. He also worked as a head teacher in an international ESL company.

The confirmed this passion “I’m happy to see my students improving. When my students can apply what they learn in their lives; when I see them being confident when they communicate to other people using English; when I see them doing efforts to improve themselves; it’s a priceless achievement”. This is something that all teachers should reflect on as the greatest reward in this career.

Being an effective teacher, Sir Jeno doesn’t have favoritism. He treats everyone equally, and that deserves a full support and participation from students.

“My priority in life is to become successful. I want to help my family when I become successful”, Sir Jeno shared. He dreams to finish his masteral degree and to become a successful teacher. Success is within his reach being a workaholic person.

He is a strong willed person and he hates people who bully. He always stands for those who are being bullied. He is a very pleasant person, approachable and likeable.

Review: Hetalia: Axis Powers

By Raizel Martinez

Hetalia: Axis Powers is a webcomic revolving around personified nations, the main storyline taking place during the time of World War II. This comical series, created by Hidekaz Himaruya, represents the lighter side of the war.

The series follows the journeys of the Axis powers: Italy, Germany and Japan as they attempt to win against the Allied forces, namely the United States, Great Britain, China, France and the USSR.

Art by Raizel Martinez

Himaruya also personified a few other nations, from known ones such as Australia to nearly unheard ones such as Seychelles and even micronations such as Sealand. Each of the characters have personalities with both positive and negative stereotypes, based upon the Japanese’ cultural view of the world.

However, not only WW2 does the story take place; it goes back to the time of the Ottoman Empire, Holy Roman Empire and Ancient Rome. The author also makes special comic strips to celebrate events such as Halloween, April Fool’s Day and Christmas.

Hetalia soon got an anime adaptation, with each episode at least five minutes long. It includes other versions of the main characters and a few supporting ones in mini-series such as Nekotalia (a world where they’re all cats) and Chibitalia (stories of the nations during their younger years).

Everything has a dark and bright side. This comic, taking place in the second world war, never really focused on the darkest depths of this time, instead, somehow changing the viewer’s idea of WW2, above all the bloodshed.

With the story having characters with all sorts of personalities, viewers could often relate to one of these characters. These characters too, pique the interest of viewers to learn more about topics in history that usually is uninteresting to them. However, it has always been a problem as to how some of these characters were portrayed, as they seem to have over exaggerated a few.

The comedy of this series is easy enough for a person to understand, but was aimed with an audience of adolescents and adults as young kids may not understand the logic.

This isn’t really recommended to young children as there are references unsuitable for them, such as alcohol and guns. Though gun-wielders are present in the comic, they never really present gore, as they simply threaten enemies that attempt to cross the borderline between two nations.

Hetalia, even though is all about history, was never meant to replace any of those history lessons or textbooks. It has a few historical inaccuracies, as well as a few misunderstandings.

Knowing that this series is all about personified nations, Filipino fans may wonder: “Is there a Phillipines yet?” Well, the answer’s a yes and no. If you were wondering about an official character, the author posted no plans for a ‘Juan Dela Cruz’ yet. However, fans made their own design. ‘Piri-tan’ as some may call. Both female and male designs were made, each with different common Filipino traits. Juan and Maria Dela Cruz were the most common human names for the duo.

Review: Men in Black 3 (2012)

By Carl Watson Castro

KICK ALIEN butt with Agent K and Agent J as they protect the human race from hostile beings and unknown life forms from outer space in this third installment of the Men in Black (MIB) series.

An alien travels back to 1969 to kill the young Agent K, removing the Kay of the present. With the timeline altered, it’s up to Veteran Agent J to save Kay by also travelling back to 1969 before the murder and work with the young Kay to save him, the Earth, the Agency and the human race. As the two prevent the murder of Kay, Jay learns more about Kay’s life and understands how that affects his behavior in the future.

After being hooked to the series since Men in Black 1, I’d have to say this one is the most exciting yet. A lot of facts have been revealed about Kay and Jay’s lives. And it’s also great to see the Agency in its heyday with all the big and bulky 60’s technology compared to the small and compact gadgets of the present MIB agents.

I guarantee that MIB 3 will be a hit with the people who are big fans of the series and also to the people who just saw it for the first time.


Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld

Country: United States

Athletes, watch out!

By Miguel Luis Borja

EVERY SCHOOL year welcomes new teachers, personnel and students. That alone guarantees big changes in store for us. Some of these changes will apply to our sports program so athletes, watch out!

Mr. Mike Lomibao, Assistant Director, revealed several changes that are already effective since the beginning of the school year. While he reassured that SHAP’s main thrust will always be academics, new programs for other sports are joining our solid basketball program this year.

Just before this school year began SHAP was able to hire Coach Ryan Balais, who will take over leadership duties in both the volleyball and football varsities. A winning coach who steered Rizal High School and Arellano University to win championships in PAPRISA, Coach Ryan will apply a more comprehensive and stricter trainings for our spikers and booters. This also means that Coach Chiqui Gonzales, who used to handle all of our team sports, will be allowed to concentrate on our senior, junior and female basketball teams.

Stricter measures will also be enforced to ensure that our athletes do not take their studies for granted. In an interview, Mr. Lomibao explained that the new rule will require every player must maintain an average of 80% in their quarterly grade to be retained in the line up. Failure to meet this requirement will force players into taking leave from their varsities until they are able to satisfy it.

“Varsities are models. That’s why they also need to be good in academics,” explained Mr. Lomibao. He further stated that many parents of our players would be relieved to know that training and studying could complement each other, instead of having either get in the way of the other.

Many teachers welcomed this change, including Math teacher Mr. Eric Alinas who wants this rule to be strictly implemented so that athletes, and even other students who go easy on their subjects, would adopt a more positive attitude towards studying.

“I hope that all varsity members will follow,” shared John Victor Sosito (IV-Loyalty), basketball team captain and a consistent honors student. He explained that with basketball being a team sport, even if just one player becomes ineligible to play because of his grades, the whole squad would be impaired.

It would be great if our athletes take this new imposition both as a challenge and a motivation to do well in their studies and play better sports. They have been training really hard for the games and it would be unwise to put all of it to waste by neglecting their primary responsibility as students.


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